5 Steps to Help Fix a Marriage

Magic of Making Up ScreenshotIf you’re trying to fix a marriage that’s on the verge of collapse, the entire situation can seem overwhelming. While there is no magic solution guaranteed to fix a marriage, there are several concrete steps you can take that can make a big difference in your relationship.

Step 1- Get It Out In The Open

First of all you need to get the problem out into the open.  Lots of people just try to ignore the situation, either hoping things will get better by themselves or just to avoid yet another argument with their spouse.  This rarely works because when there are problems in a marriage the tension is usually already so high that a fight is just around the corner anyway.

Go ahead and get everything out one the table.  As difficult as it may be to talk about the problems in your marriage. doing just that is a crucial first step in starting to fix a marriage that’s in trouble.

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Step 2-Listen To Your Spouse

Once you’ve opened the discussion about your problems with your spouse, the next step in learning how to fix a marriage is in learning to listen.  Put your agenda on hold long enough to honestly consider what your spouse is saying.  There really are two sides to every story, so don’t interrupt…just listen.

If you show your partner this respect to their opinions and feelings they will be much more likely to return the favor.  Really pay attention to what they have to say and make sure you listen with an open mind, as painful as it may be.  You may not like everything you hear but to fix your marriage you need to hear it.

Step 3- Be Honest With Yourself

The next part may be tough but it’s really important if you want to fix a marriage.  And that’s being brutally honest with yourself about your partner’s feelings, opinions and issues.  Even though the problems in your marriage are most likely not entirely your fault, you do probably bear some share of the responsibility for the situation.  The truth is you stand a much better chance of changing yourself than your spouse, so why not take a good hard look at yourself.

Step 4- Be Honest With Your Spouse

Okay, now that you’ve honestly admitted to yourself that you may not be perfect and at least some of your marriage problems might be your own fault, the next step is even harder.  You need to swallow your pride and openly admit your flaws to your spouse…out loud. Make a commitment to them that you will work diligently to overcome your weaknesses in the relationship.  If you’re really brave and committed ask them to hold you accountable.

Even if your spouse hasn’t been as willing as you to accept responsibility for their share of the problems, this kind  of commitment on your part can change that. If your spouse sees you making an honest effort to correct your shortcomings they will be more likely to working on their weak areas in the relationship. If you are willing to take the lead on this it can go a long way toward patching things up in your marriage.

Step 5- Follow Through and Don’t Give Up

Finally, the last part of this process of learning how to fix a marriage is to follow through with your commitment to improve.  All the talk in the world won’t help if nothing really changes. Make sure you do what you have said you would. If you screw up admit it, ask for understanding and get back on track.

If you follow these principles there is no guarantee of a miracle instant change in your marriage.  This process might bring some  difficult issues to light that you and your spouse will have to deal with.  The good news is that many other couples have been right where you are now and made it through successfully.  Just don’t give up.  Relationships don’t become broken overnight and sometimes it takes a little time to fix a marriage.

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