Are You in a Marriage Crisis?

is your marriage in crisis mode imageAre you having a marriage crisis?  Or are the problems you are having just normal issues that all couples face. Every marriage has high points and low points.One day you might find yourself wondering what you ever saw in your spouse to begin with and the next you might feel like it’s your honeymoon all over again.  No matter how long you have been married, these emotional flip flops are a normal part of being married.

That doesn’t mean, however, you should ignore what may seem like a minor problem in your relationship. Little issues can quickly grow into a full blown crisis if they aren’t corrected.  If you and your spouse have not been connecting lately, you might be wondering if it’s just a normal phase you’re going through or if it could be a sign of bigger trouble.  This article will take a look what constitutes a marriage crisis and how to deal with one.

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A Marriage Crisis Doesn’t Just Happen

Marriages almost never just fall apart with no warning signs.  There is usually a series of ever escalating issues.  Here’s how it might go:

Minor Problems

Communication starts to slip in the marriage. Maybe television or the Internet takes the place of converation.  Overtime at the job gets in the way of date night with each other.  None of this usually happens on purpose.  Both spouses just get so wrapped up in their job commitments or their kids, their relationship gets put on the back burner.  Pretty soon they don’t seem to agree on much and even little things cause bigger and bigger arguments.

Major Problems

If they are not dealt with, these minor problems can make both spouses resentful and angry.  They might start spending less and less time together.  Disagreements get hotter and happen more often.  What little communication there was between them may dry up.  Instead of sharing their frustrations with each other they may turn to friends for a sympathetic ear.  This is often when talk starts cropping up of one spouse or the other leaving.

Crisis Stage

Once things get to this point, the couple is a just one step away from a full scale crisis in their marriage.  Sarcasm and hostility start replacing kindness and encouragement.  It is at this point that affairs often happen.  Unless something changes fast, divorce is a very real possibility.

How to Save a Marriage

Even if your relationship has reached crisis stage, it’s not too late to restore your marriage.  A marriage crisis can stand your emotions on edge and make you feel frustrated and confused.  But you can take control of your feelings.  There is light at he end of the tunnel.

To start with, you need to understand that you may not be able to fix a marriage crisis by yourself. You might need outside help.  This could come in the form of a support group, a marriage counselor or maybe your pastor.  You can do an internet search for marriage counseling online and find lots of helpful reaources.  The point is that sometimes it really helps to get an outside viewpoint.

Also, it might be a good idea to take some time for yourself.  If you want to restore your marriage, it will take clear, rational thinking.  You need to be at your best.  If you work, take a day off.  If you stay home with the kids, get a sitter for a few hours.  Do something that will allow you to relax and get your thoughts together.  Go over all the things that led up to your current marriage crisis.  One key part of figuring out how to save a marriage is understanding how it got messed up to begin with.

Then, follow some of these tips as you work with your spouse to restore your marriage…

These tips can help restore your marriage:

  • Don’t stop hoping for the best.  Even if your spouse seems to have made their mind up that it’s over, nothing says they can’t change their mind.
  • Don’t be thin skinned. Things are often said in the heat of an argument that weren’t really meant.  Be willing to overlook comments made out of anger or frustration.
  • Be willing to make the first move.  Very few problems in a marriage are all one persons’s fault. If you commit to changing what you can about yourself, your spouse may follow suit.
  • Keep a positive attitude.  If you are expecting good results you will often get them.
  • Above all, don’t quit.  Couples all over the world have conquered the problems in their marriage and gone on to experience the relationship of their dreams.  You can do the same thing if you don’t let a marriage crisis cause you to give in to defeat.

Lots of couples experience a marriage crisis at some point in their relationship.  Don’t let this destroy your family. Save My Marriage Today is an excellent resource that has helped lots of couples overcome their marriage crisis and go on to have the relationship they always wanted.

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