The ABCs of Marriage Therapy

Save My Marriage Today Premium CourseIf you and your spouse are looking into marriage therapy, congratulations on taking the first step toward restoring your marriage!  Marriage and family counseling can provide you with an outlet to purge hurtful feelings and begin the healing process.

Whether you are looking for marriage counseling online or searching for a local family therapy practice, here is some information you should know…

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
– The professional organization for marriage therapy in the United States.

Brief – Most marriage and family counseling is completed in an average of 12 sessions.

Counseling – Counseling sessions involve the therapist asking questions about your situation and offering observations to help you reach a resolution.

Diverse – Marriage therapists come from a variety of backgrounds and many practices specialize.  You can find marriage and family counseling services that are Christian based or that address problems such as substance abuse.

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Economical – Most insurance plans include some coverage for therapy services.  If you do not have insurance coverage, many practices charge fees on a sliding scale based upon income.

Family-focused – Family therapy sessions can be helpful for children who sense problems in the marriage and suffer from anxiety and stress as a result.

Graduate Level Education
– Licensed family and marriage therapists must have graduate training such as a Master’s or Doctoral Degree.

Hurt Feelings – Don’t be surprised if you feel worse before you feel better.  A good therapy session might dredge up some long buried feelings and resentments.  As hard as it is, resolving those emotions are important to healing your marriage.

Intense – Marriage and family counseling can be intense, but studies find most clients are happy with the results.

Just do it! – Many people put off marriage therapy because they are embarrassed, ashamed or in denial about the state of their marriage.  But remember that you are not the first – and certainly won’t be the last – to need marital help.

Kids – Even if you don’t take your kids to family therapy sessions, they will benefit from your marriage therapy.  After a few sessions, you will notice an improvement in your household atmosphere which affects your children’s well-being.

Local – Marriage therapists can be found locally in almost all urban and suburban areas.

Marriage therapists – There are more than 50,000 marriage and family therapists in practice today.

Normal – Marriage therapy is normal.  Don’t ever feel like there is something wrong with you because you needed counseling.  In fact, if more couples took advantage of the many benefits of therapy, the divorce rate would probably decrease.

Online – You can find many options for marriage counseling online.  These can vary from pricey interactive sessions with a therapist to more affordable self-help manuals.  For more information on online resources, click here.

Psychotherapy – Marriage therapy falls under the larger umbrella of psychotherapy.  While perhaps an intimidating label, psychotherapy is basically the process of having a trained professional help you identify personal goals and create a plan to meet them.

Quality – According to one study, 98% of those attending therapy sessions rate their experience as good or excellent.

Responsive – Good family therapy will respond and adjust to fit your needs.  Marriage and family counseling is not a cookie-cutter approach to helping your marriage.  Each couple will have a unique and personalized experience.

Solution-based – Your therapist should help you focus on identifying the underlying problem in your marriage and creating a workable solution.

Trusted – Your therapy sessions are protected under client confidentiality.  You should never worry that your therapist will share details of your case with others unless you give them express permission.

Understanding – In marriage therapy, one of the goals is for spouses to understand each other and accept differences.

Value – The cost of marriage and family counseling is far less than the price of a divorce, child support and future emotional trauma.  An investment in a healthy marriage reaps rewards far beyond the price you will pay for therapy sessions.

Widely Used – At any given time, an estimated 1.8 million people are seeking therapy for marital issues.

eXcellent – Studies show that 90% of those in marriage therapy report an improvement in emotional health and nearly 67% report improved physical health.

Youth – When children attend family therapy sessions, parents report that their child’s behavior issues decreased almost 74% of the time.

Zero – The chances of your troubled marriage surviving if you don’t at least attempt to fix it.

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