Are Men Cheating More Than Women?

Men Cheating HelpA lot of people take men cheating on their wives for granted.  We all know the stereotype – men are philandering pigs who just can’t help but hop into bed with the first willing woman they meet. We are told that it is simply in their genes. Men are made to sow wild oats while women stay dutifully at home to raise the children and tend to the house.

So when Hugh Hefner creates an empire based upon unlimited male sexual conquest, society smiles with a wink and a nod. No one questions the assumptions this creates.  After all, for men cheating is just a natural part of their make-up…right?

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But is it really the truth that men cheating is an inevitable part of a relationship? And are women immune from the tendency to stray from their partners? In recent years, an increasing number of studies have shown that in many cases of infidelity, the wife is cheating. While men cheating continues to be a problem in many marriages, the fact is that affairs seem to have become more of an equal opportunity problem.

The Truth Behind Men Cheating

It is hard to pin down hard numbers on the percentages of men and women who cheat in a relationship. Some studies look only at married relationships while others include all couples. And all studies have to contend with the reality that many spouses simply do not want to share their indiscretions, even anonymously with a researcher. However, the studies that are available indicate that…

  • 57% of men have been unfaithful in a relationship.
  • 54% of women have been unfaithful in a relationship.
  • 41% of marriages have experienced either emotional or physical infidelity by one or both spouses.
  • 74% of men would have an affair if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.
  • 68% of women would have an affair if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.

Depressing numbers, aren’t they? The sad truth is that, today, society places little emphasis on fidelity within a marriage. Our television shows, books and magazines all promote idealized relationships that can never be sustained in real life. When a spouse is unhappy for whatever reason, our culture tends to encourage them to leave instead of working through the difficult times.

Why Men (and Women!) Cheat…

There are very different reasons why men and women cheat. For men cheating is often separate from love and does not necessarily reflect on their marriage. In one study, 56% of cheating men stated that their marriages were very happy. However, when the opportunity to have extra sex on the side arises, many men just can’t say no. So perhaps there is some truth to that stereotype about men and their wild oats after all. Signs he is cheating may include the sudden need to have late nights at work or a private email address.

On the other hand, when the wife is cheating, it is often because she feels unappreciated at home. A woman who does not feel fulfilled by her husband may seek out companionship elsewhere. Women are more likely than men to turn friendships into sexual relationships. Signs of infidelity from a woman include loss of intimacy and emotional distance from their spouse.

How to Avoid Men Cheating

To keep your marriage intact, take some simple steps to safeguard your relationship. As we’ve seen above, it is almost as likely that the wife is cheating as it is the husband so these are good guidelines for both spouses to follow:

  • Schedule regular dates or times to focus only on your spouse.
  • Keep interactions positive…excessive sarcasm, even said jokingly, can tear down a relationship.
  • Make your marriage exciting. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Learn a new hobby together or try something out of the ordinary.
  • Identify threats to your marriage and avoid them. If steamy romance novels make you long for a different spouse, it is probably best to put down the books.

While the statistics may be sobering, cheating men and women are not a given in any relationship. With a little perseverance and a sense of commitment, there is no reason why your marriage can’t be a faithful and fulfilling one.

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