Can a Relationship Counselor Help Your Marriage?

Save My Marriage Today Premium ImageCan a relationship counselor do anything you can’t do yourself?  We are a do-it-yourself society.  There are entire channels devoted to helping you teach yourself everything from how to cook soufflé to how to build a deck.   Self-help books crowd the top of the bestseller list, and travel agents are quickly going the way of the dodo as we book our own flights and hotels online.  It is little wonder that most couples have the same do-it-yourself attitude about their marriage and family.  They balk at the idea of using a relationship counselor and instead insist on fixing their problems themselves.

While it is true that many couples are able to improve their situation without marriage counseling, don’t be quick to dismiss the idea of using a counselor.  Talking with an objective third party can be a great way to gain some outside perspective on your marriage.  Family therapy also provides you with a safe environment to air out frustrations without interruption.

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What is a Relationship Counselor?

The term relationship counselor is used broadly to define any number of individuals who provide marriage and family assistance. They include…

  • Marriage Therapists
  • Pastors
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists Couples Support Groups

The education and training of these counselors may vary considerably.  Licensed marriage therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists will have higher education such as a Master’s or Doctoral Degrees.  Other counselors have minimal training but other qualifications that make them appropriate to help with family therapy.  For example, the Retrouvaille program relies on couples who have overcome their own marital difficulties to help other couples learn how to communicate effectively.

When selecting a counselor, it is important to consider your unique situation and needs.  If you believe your spouse may have depression or another ailment that is causing problems in your marriage and family, you may want to select a psychiatrist who has medical training.  If you value a religious perspective, a trusted pastor might be the most appropriate choice for marriage counseling.

How Can a Relationship Counselor Help?

Depending on their training, counselors are able to address a wide variety of issues that may impact a marriage.  For example, family therapy can be used in situations involving…

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Physical or Mental Illness
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Poor Communication
  • Infertility
  • Anger
  • Financial Problems

A good relationship counselor will ensure that each spouse has the opportunity to share their feelings and concerns without judgment from the other.  The counselor then works with the couple the help them find the right solution to resolve their issues.  If appropriate, additional services such as medical treatment or individual therapy might be recommended.

It is also important to remember that even those who have no current problems in their marriage and family can benefit from marriage counseling.  Many couples find that attending yearly counseling sessions acts as a “tune-up” that catches small issues before they turn into big problems.

marriage-programIn our do-it-yourself society, it is easy to dismiss the value of a good marriage counseling.  However, don’t make the mistake of short-changing yourself and your spouse.  A good counselor or marriage improvement course can be a lifeline to long-term marital bliss. One good option that has helped many couples is the “Save My Marriage Today Premium Course”.  This 12 part home study course features Amy Waterman, a relationship expert; Andrew Rusbatch, an Online Marriage Counselor;  and Richard Wheeler, a Registered Psychologist.  Richard has over 30 years experience helping troubled couples.  The course contains more than 8 hours of video and audio, and even includes personal Member Consultations;  it’s almost of like having a relationship counselor right in your living room.

Check Out The “Save My Marriage Today” Premium Course

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