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Reviewer: Taylor Davis

Rating:  Fix Your Sexless Marriage Rating

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Save_Your_Christian_Marriage_Review_Cover_ArtThis “Save Your Christian Marriage” review takes a good look at a top selling manual to help couples who are having problems in their marriage.

As a pastoral counselor for more than 19 years, Dr. Lee Baucom has helped countless couples renew and restore their marriages. Now, this minister and life coach has compiled his knowledge into a manual intended to help Christian couples discover God’s will for their marriage and how to strengthen their union.

The manual, Save Your Christian Marriage, is available as an electronic book that allows couples to conveniently access the lesson materials from their computer. With 20 chapters and a bonus section for church leadership, the manual’s 190 pages are full of practical advice and information that couples can begin to use immediately.

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Some of the topics covered in Save Your Christian Marriage include:

  • The Biblical Basis of Marriage
  • Moving Beyond “You” and “Me” to WE
  • Secrets to Successful Marriages
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Christian Sexuality
  • Money Within a Marriage

Within each chapter are questions for couples to review individually and together. In addition, exercises guide couples so they can apply each chapter’s lessons directly to their marriage. The book is intended to be a hands-on manual that couples can personalize. Generous margins provide ample space for readers to write notes and comments.

Dr. Baucom writes in a conversational tone that is easy to read. Throughout the book, he includes stories of couples he has previously counseled. The real-life case studies provide readers with an additional resource to understand how marital issues manifest themselves and how to address problems as they arise.

Although written specifically for Christian couples, Save Your Christian Marriage contains a wealth of information that is relevant for couples of any faith. The core ideas behind creating a unified marriage that focuses on positive growth can be used by all couples regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

Also, while the manual is entitled Save Your Christian Marriage, even couples who are not on the brink of divorce will find useful information here. The book will undoubtedly help those in a crisis situation, but all couples can benefit from the discussion of healthy marriage traits, God’s design for us and the formation of intimacy.

At the end of the manual, Dr. Baucom reviews some of the most commonly asked questions regarding marriage and divorce. His practical advice is based upon years in the trenches counseling couples who have experienced everything from infidelity to bankruptcy.

As a bonus, the final section of the book is geared specifically for church ministers and leadership. As a minister himself, Dr. Baucom has a unique perspective on where our churches have gone wrong when it comes to preparing couples for marriage and supporting them during difficult times. This bonus section reviews the steps churches can take to ensure that marriage is returned to the place of honor that God intends.


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