Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife- Review


Discover the Power and Pleasure of Marital Intimacy

Sexual_Satisfaction_for_the_Christian_WifeFor many Christian wives, sex is much ado about nothing. While their husbands are clamoring for more time in the bedroom, wives don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Still, they dutifully take part in intercourse – considering it more of an obligation than a joy. It is not unusual for a wife to be mentally preparing her shopping list or planning the week’s menus while her husband enthusiastically performs.

Now Susan Irwin is here to tell wives everywhere that sexual intimacy should be just as important to them as it is to their husbands. Susan is the wife of famed author Robert Irwin who has written extensively on the subject of Christian sexuality. Noting that few resources are available for Christian women, Susan has created a hands-on manual, Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife, to help wives find physical and emotional fulfillment in their marriages.
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As a how-to guide, Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife contains a wealth of information that wives can put into action immediately. The book includes sections highlighting…

  • Why Sex and Holiness are Intertwined
  • How Marriages Suffer Without Sexual Intimacy
  • Methods for Increasing Your Sexual Pleasure
  • How to Climax Multiple Times
  • Techniques to Improve Your Husband’s Performance
  • The Key to Achieving True Sexual Satisfaction

With numerous illustrations, Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife spells out its lessons in great detail so there is no misunderstanding. Written in an engaging style, this manual speaks to women’s greatest concerns, fears and questions about sexual intimacy. The author, Susan Irwin, is a mother of four who clearly understands what type of information Christian wives are seeking.

Available as a convenient ebook, Christian wives can instantly put into use Susan’s tips and techniques. At the end of each chapter, a review section outlines the most important lessons from the preceding pages. Most chapters also include amble space after the review for readers to jot down their own notes and comments.

Although tastefully written and illustrated, be aware that this is an explicit manual. Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife provides detailed information that should be kept out of the hands of children. The book discusses male and female anatomy, exercises for improving sexual performance and sexual positions. In addition, Christian wives will learn how to confront their misconceptions about marital intimacy as well as how to discuss sensitive topics with their husbands.

Overall, this guide provides long overdue information that Christian wives need. It removes the mystery behind marital intimacy and uses Scripture to outline exactly how God intends us to use our sexuality. For any Christian wife, this is a must read and a sure bet to improve marriages everywhere.

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