Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband Review

A Guide to Create Mutually Satisfying Intimacy

Christian_sex_skills_manSexually intimacy has long been considered a taboo topic in the Christian community. While we live in a culture that is sexually saturated, our pulpits are oddly silent on the subject. What’s more, many pastors seem to adopt a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to questions of intimacy. Despite being an integral part of Christian marriage, many ministers prefer to ignore the subject, either out embarrassment or the misguided notion that God somehow does not belong in the bedroom.

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The lack of Christian material on the subject of intimacy has left devout couples bewildered when it comes to discerning just what is God’s will for them and their physical relationship. Unfortunately, most of the resources addressing sexuality that are available for couples today are secular. They often encourage the perception that women are objects and men simply can’t control themselves. Even worse, they take God out of the equation completely.

However, there is now a definitive resource for Christian men. This handbook, Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband, provides detailed information about the Scriptural basis for intimacy in marriage as well as practical advice that can be put to use immediately. It is a no-holds barred handbook that answers all the questions Christian men have but were afraid to ask.

Some of what men will learn in Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband includes:

  • Scriptural Support For Which Acts of Intimacy Are Acceptable in Marriage
  • The Perfect Sex Position
  • The Key to Helping Your Wife Climax Again and Again
  • Exercises to Control Arousal and Lengthen Lovemaking
  • How to Achieve The Sexually Skilled Husband’s Masterpiece
  • The Secrets Behind Great Foreplay

Available as a convenient ebook, men will learn from one of the foremost authorities on Christian sexuality, Robert Irwin. As an accomplished author and expert, Irwin has spent the last 11 years working with couples across the country. His work has been featured on media outlets as diverse as NBC News, the BBC and Details Magazine.

Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband is written in an easy-to-understand style that clearly lays out everything Christian men must know to have sexually satisfying marriages.  Make no mistake, this is a practical hands-on guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve the quality of your marital relationship.

There are no ambiguous references or dancing around the subject here.  Irwin goes into detailed instruction that explicitly states what to do and how to do it.  However, all information is written in a tasteful way that is appropriate for married Christian adults.  Still, because of the content, this is definitely an adult book and care should be taken that the manual is not left where children may find it.

For Christian couples who have longed to improve their sexual relationship and fulfill God’s plan for their marriage, Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband is a welcome arrival.  It is packed with the information couples want to learn, and Irwin uses Scripture throughout.  This book is sure to bring couples together- both in the bedroom and out- as they explore a new world of techniques and positions.

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