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Reviewer: Taylor Davis

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In this “The Magic of Making Up” review, I will take a close look at a very popular program to help couples who have broken up or are separated

For couples who know the pain of a break-up or separation, it may seem as though there is no hope for their relationship. Once one partner has walked away, most individuals see that as a clear signal that the love they previously shared is gone forever. But according to author T.W. Jackson, it doesn’t have to be that way.

While many books and manuals are available to help couples in crisis, few address those relationships that have completely disintegrated. The Magic of Making Up is a comprehensive system designed specifically for those whose spouse or significant has already left and apparently moved on.

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Available via an instant download, The Magic of Making Up proves that just because a couple has broken up, that is no reason to assume the relationship is over. With a trio of ebook guides, readers are shown step-by-step exactly how to salvage their love.

The main guide offers 62 pages filled with practical advice and proven techniques. Some of the information you will learn from The Magic of Making Up includes:

  • Why Relationships End
  • A Plan to Restore Your Relationship
  • How Dating Others Can Actually Bring You Back Together
  • A Health Plan that Supports Your Love Life
  • Practical Ideas for Dating Activities Once You Have Reunited
  • When to Resume Sexual Intimacy

Throughout the manual, readers will find inspirational quotes and colorful graphics. The text is easy-to-read and provides numerous real-world examples that are both interesting and informative. Quick links within the book make it easy to go right to the sections that are of the most interest to you.

In addition to the main ebook, the system includes a second manual on Mind Magic. This resource offers a wealth of information for anyone who is not sure how to open the lines of communication with a former flame. The manual provides detailed instructions about how to use five tried and true methods to breaking down the barriers that prevent couples from getting back together.

The final component of The Magic of Making Up system is The Clean Slate Method. Used properly, this technique can help couples learn to apologize effectively and diffuse potential arguments. As with the other manuals, T.W. Jackson provides readers with clear instructions on how to use the method using reality based examples. His attention to detail allows readers to easily apply the material to their own relationship.

Together, the manuals included in The Magic of Making Up provide a potent mix of suggestions and support for those who have experienced a broken relationship. The underlying theme is that just because you are not together now doesn’t mean that you can’t get back together in the future. T.W. Jackson gives readers the tools they need to address old hurts and move forward to create a positive bond with their spouse or significant other.

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